Finally a Dressing Room in Dota 2 - but it's a custom map

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  image by Steam

  A new custom map is quickly gaining popularity among the

  Dota 2 community and it is one that people have been inquiring about for some

  time, a dressing room.

  For many years there have been countless wants for a dressing

  room feature in Dota 2, one that would allow users to test cosmetic item combinations

  in one place before a purchase. Now it seems that a custom map has been created

  to do exactly this and has direct links to the Steam Market where you can obtain

  the items. The map contains every single set, item, courier, ward and unlock

  style in the game and all are free try. Players can also save sets which can be

  viewed and upvoted by others around the world.

  This map has received huge numbers of users in the last few days and while it is not really a game in itself, it is fun to finally have a dressing room much like this one. With lots of cosmetic updates to the likes of Auto Chess as well as the possibility of another new Arcana soon as The International 2019 approaches, this map could become a staple of many players looking to kit their heroes out in the best gear.


  image: Steam

  The popularity of cosmetics in Dota 2 has always been huge and with thousands upon thousands of items constantly making their way into the game, the Dressing Room seems like it could really grow in popularity. And with what seems to be constant updates and bug fixes the Dota Dressing Room map is definitely something everyone should check out. You can find a link to it here.